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There’s good news for those of you who were thinking of moving to Canada but missed out on getting a Canadian working holiday permit in 2012 as the 5,350 places were quickly snapped up.

It has been announced that by 2014 the number of permits will double to over 10,000 and instead of it being a one year permit, you’ll be allowed to stay for two years.

Hopefully this blog post might be of some use to you. From tips on how important it is to wear the same colour socks without any holes to how best to find a job, there’s something for everyone!

I lived in Toronto for two years so the blog mainly focuses on that city. I enjoyed it and made lots of friends including many Irish. Some are still there while others came home as it just wasn’t for them. Moving countries, even if it is just for a short time, can be very stressful and difficult so hopefully these links will be helpful.

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Ah the good auld Eurovision – it’s one of those events that as much as people give out about it, most actually watch it and it gets very high tv ratings just like the Rose of Tralee. For me, I think it’s hilarious and the music is so cheesy it’s great. It reminds of me of when I was younger – being so excited to stay up late to watch it and to try to eat as many sweets as possible and feel sick afterwards. So this year, for the first time, I decided a week before the contest to have a Eurovision get together in my house.

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New York, New York – what a fantastic city. I’ve been there a few times but my last trip in February, I have to say, was the best. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the fact I got to spend time with my aunt Rita, uncle Bernard and cousin Ailish who live in Long Island or possibly the fact that every restaurant people recommended to me turned out to be fantastic. I have to say I’m a picky eater but I ate my face off for the entire five days because the food was so amazing. America is renowned for its big food portions and in one place called Ellens star dust diner on Broadway the slice of meringue was literally the size of my head and I ate it all!

Even though I had been there before, I still found it difficult to get my head around exactly where I should go and what not to miss. Thankfully my RTE colleagues and friends gave me lots of suggestions. Here are a few recommendations and tips.

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Hi there, I’m a journalist working for Ireland’s public service broadcaster RTE. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I love news – hearing and telling people’s stories. When I’m not doing that, I adore travelling around the world, shopping in Pennys and spending time with my friends and family. This blog will be about all of the above! 🙂

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